Where Can I Find a “Post-Racial America”?

Today, amidst the many posts surrounding Mizzou, I encountered a post that a friend of mine shared. In it contained screenshots of YikYak posts (informally known as the depths of racism in all college campuses) from Loyola University Chicago. So far, Loyola has been relatively untouched by the events, with exception to the Walk-Out Protest in solidarity that is being planned on Friday.Β 12208793_10203600181083490_1297347910840391789_n 12243479_10203600181243494_9140140835491568294_n

For those who cannot see, the comment under “black lives matter. period” is “#notheydont”.

This is a direct quote from the Loyola community. It was stated in anonymity, as most ignorant people do, because they understand that their words are hurtful, and believe that staying anonymous will keep them safe.

America prides itself on being a place where all individuals, regardless of skin color, gender, or sexual orientation, can live in a society where they will not be discriminated against, protected, and practice free speech. All of these rights are removed with one solitary threat. While freedom of speech applies to all citizens, those who want to stand in solidarity with Mizzou are bombarded with thinly veiled threats and insults, referring to us as “shitskins”.

We speak our mind, share our thoughts, and are told that we are irrational. Unjustified. How many times will we have to be called Nigger before we are acknowledged? How many threats will we receive?


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