About Me

My name is Hannah (she/her/hers), and I am the writer of The Rhythm of the Street. This blog began in 2015, and I am only beginning to understand what it means to be a writer and to incorporate art into it. This blog takes many forms: a diary, a podium, a microphone, a snapshot of my everchanging thoughts and beliefs. It is my form of bravery, to challenge my self to share things I usually only share with myself.


I am currently finishing my final year of my Master’s in Social Work, concentrating in Community Organization and Social Action. I hope to be a community organizer, working directly with communities, growing with them as they change. I have a passion for politics and immense awareness of (or lack of) social justice, and where it does not exist, I strive to work toward it.

I am a product of my environments: A nature-loving city girl that believes in the power of home and a safe-loving family, chosen or by birth. A sister, daughter, granddaughter. LUCES. I am a Type A human learning how to let go a little. I am an angry person trying to love a bit more and argue a little less. I am a thick chick learning to love my curves and embrace the delicious things that come to me.

Should you want to contact me, please check me out on Twitter @hannnah_spates or on Instagram @hspeights, or contact me here!

Thank you for reading.


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